10 Hilarious Memes about Death and Funerals

Death is one of the most taboo realities people tend to be irked by. It’s something that happens to everybody without their control. Many people tend to avoid the subject of death, but there are also a rare few who whole heartedly accept it as a part of life.

Conversations about death tend to be sad and awkward, but many people forget that not everything about death is sad. There are also positive things that can come from loss and even humorous circumstances many people tend not to notice. The following are ten funny memes that we all have at least encountered once during wakes and funerals.

10 Laughable Memes on Death and Funerals

That awkward moment when….

When two can play at the game

Harmonizing doesn’t take a lot

Pun intended…

When you just wanted to be polite….

Taking their convictions up to their grave

The bittersweet truth

This classic joke really does kill

When even dying is a hassle

Those annoying relatives who have to document everything…

Death and its Ironic Humor

There’s nothing wrong with facing death or being afraid of death, it only makes us human anyways. Sometimes though, it’s okay to admit that there are some funny things about the tradition of wakes and funerals that make death seem a little less depressing.

10 Hilarious Memes about Death and Funerals
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