11 Memes About the Struggles of Those Who Work at Customer Service

One of the toughest people in the world contrary to what others may say are people working at customer service. Dealing with people 8 to 24 hours a day whether they’re in a store, or on the phone talking to customers is anything but easy to do. Imagine having to get up at the crack of dawn and have to put on a completely different face to entertain customer inquiries.

The act of putting a smile on your face despite having a hard week is hard enough in itself, but for customer service personnel, the struggle is real but they don’t back down. Working in customer service entails a whole lot of energy and stamina because being pleasant towards rude and frustrating customers is never a fun experience. Below are a few memes that reflect the challenges that customer service workers deal with on the daily.

11 Memes on Customer Service Problems

After a long day of hearing people complain and yell at your ear…

The deep reality of customer service revealed…

When you have to offer extra information, and promotions …

Transference is a big issue in customer service

That one last customer who just had to cram her inquiry in the last minute

Told them, told them twice…

The biggest lie in the customer service industry that people won’t stop telling

When you need to tone up your voice on the phone to sound more human to callers…

It’s all about letting the customer think they have the power…

Language barriers never get easier to deal with

There are also those people who just irk you with their comments

Customer Service Isn’t For Everyone

The need to be pleasant and proper in person or on the phone can be exhausting; customer service personnel should be given more credit. It is also important to remember to be nice to people who work in the customer service industry and cut them some slack when they fall short in meeting your concerns.

They are only human after all. Whoever decides to start their career in customer service also gains the most in terms of people and presentation skills, so it shouldn’t be all bad; at least, for now. Keep fighting the good fight!

11 Memes About the Struggles of Those Who Work at Customer Service
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