12 Common Sports Book Terms A Gambler Should Know

Learning Sports Book terms and what they stand for can level up your knowledge of the gambling world, as well as sharpening your betting instincts. Like the words in a dictionary, how to call something in a sports book is essential for successful and non-miscommunication in wagering.

12 sportsbook terms you need to know today

1. Sportbook


This is the casino or online casino site that provides gambling services for gamblers in a specific country, continent or the world. In the traditional casino land-based venues, sportsbook updates such as lines, odds and current game results are shown on monitor screens, while online sites are listed in different categories to choose from.

2. Bookmaker /Bookie

A Bookmaker is the one who accepts and process bets of gamblers, in different sports and seasons.

3. Chalk

This is the strong team in a sports game, the one who is favored and expected to win. In recent NFL Football updates of November 2017, Philadelphia Eagles stand as the most favored “chalk”.


4. Underdog

If there is a strong team, then there’s the opposite of it. Underdogs are the weak team in a sports game, and they are usually the reasons behind handicap and point spread’s existence, oddly speaking. In recent NFL Football update as of November 2017, Cleveland Browns are considered the season’s underdog.

5. Odds

As simply describing the word’s original context—odds are the predicted outcome of a game which is presented in numbers.

6. Handicap

This is the betting options that has a goal of giving the underdog and the chalk with a balancing point or odds given to each before a game—specifically with the least favored team to win. The main purpose is to predict the possible outcome of sporting events, based on the previous games the two teams had played into. Handicap is presented with both (-) and (+) signs.


7. Money Line

Money lines are the odds presented in money. It also helps gamblers predict the likely outcome of a game. Like handicap, it is shown in either (-) sign: to bet amount to win a hundred dollars, and (+) to stands as the bet you have to make to get it for every hundred dollars wagered.

8. Point Spread

Similar with Money Line and Handicap—point spread focuses on who will be predicted to create a lead point before one another in a game, quoted in (-,+) signs by a sports book.

9. Juice

This is the amount required by a sports book to process your bet. Also known as Vig, in simpler terms—Juice is the commission a sports book requires for gamblers regarding their bets.

10. Ticket

This is your electronic (online casino) ticket or slips when wagering at a certain sports game.


11. Sharp

In sports wagering, a sharp is considered the professional or skilled gambler. If ever you had met a friend’s friend who is called a sharp upon betting, then take some step and go ask for his tips when betting.

12. Square

Squares are considered the lousy, inattentive gambler in sports betting. Most of the squares are beginning and non-consistent gamblers.

Sports Gambling made much easier

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12 Common Sports Book Terms A Gambler Should Know
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