12 Pope Francis Memes that Prove He is the Best Pope in History By Far

The Catholic Church has never been short of media attention but, in the last few years since Pope Benedict XVI’s left the Vatican. When Pope Francis was newly seated as Pope, people were skeptical but in just a few months of holding the title, he has shown the entire Catholic faith and not to mention the world, the difference in his opinions. This has brought the millennial generation closer to the Catholic faith because of the genuine openness Pope Francis exhibits this modern day.

He is beloved by many people all over the world and has made quite an impeccable impression on several superpowers. Pope Francis is also someone who showed that he is anything but shy from a challenge and does not lose sight of what is truly important in the world. He is dubbed the “millennial pope” by the young people he has pioneered.

“@Pontifex” which is his username on Twitter is also quite lovable and greatly loved by the media, and that includes the internet. Here are twelve memes that show exactly how adorable and delightful Pope Francis is.

12 Memes that Make Pope Francis the Beloved Millennial Pope We All Know

When he literally lets the kids take the wheel

When every speech looks like a rap battle

When the wind just knows when exactly to blow

When the Pope looks exactly like a big Hollywood icon

When there’s a secret Pope’s club no one else is allowed in

The Pope swag that just comes off naturally during city visits

When he still tries to be “low key”

The unbeatable rags to riches story

Yes, popes can have an attitude

When he knows who his favorite text mate is

Yes, we’re sure he’s seen these epic memes

When he has this unspoken connection with children

The Pope is obviously the right hand of God according to the Catholic Church which is not brand new information to the public. The millennial pope is definitely the internet’s favorite, I mean look at how he just captivates with a smile, right?

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12 Pope Francis Memes that Prove He is the Best Pope in History By Far
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