13 Mr. Bean’s Funny and Hilarious Edited Photos

We all know him as the funny, red-tie Mr. Bean in the television series by Tiger Aspect Productions. We even grow up binge-watching all of the series over and over again and even his film adaptation to big screen. Mr. Bean has gotten so popular that creatively-minded fans did something to his photos, well to put it simply—they edited them to perfection to make him funnier.

Look at these 13 Mr. Bean Funny Edited Photos that are Too Funny Not to Laugh at:

1:  I Wonder What The Great Leonardo Da Vinci Will Say Upon Seeing This.


2: Mr. Voldermort, Did Mr. Bean Have The Nose Right?


3: Such Nice Avatar Hair You Got There, Mr. Bean.


4:  Harry Potter With Beard—You’ll Never See Him The Same Way Again


5: It Sure Looks Like He’s Wearing Those Hair To Life

6: I’m Sure Mr. Robert Downey Jr is Down To Let Mr.-Ro-Bean To Take Over The Role.


7: Megan Fox Who? Dang, Those Curves!


8: He Sure Is Proud To Have Hugh Jackman’s Claws.


9: Johnny Depp Who?

10: You Better Re-Think Your Popularity, Justin.




11: Marilyn Monroe Who? Good Grief, That Hair Is A Total Knock-Out! ‘


12: Such A Classy English Gentleman You Are, Mr. Bean


13: Nice Hair and Dress, Mrs. Bean.


Mr. Bean—in all forms and edited photos—are truly a good comic relief for everyone. No wonder that the person who did all these edits brought the famous guy to life in different roles—and now we wonder, how he didn’t laugh while editing these clips of Mr. Bean? Hilarious!

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