15 Interesting Epitaphs People Were Able to Pull Off


Death is usually a sad and intense situation that people either deal with or are involved in. When we visit wakes and prepare for funerals, wearing black and preparing yourself for deep reflection and constant tears can be overwhelming, especially for those who have lost a loved one. When time passes by, relatives, friends and loved ones come back to the graves and see only their tombstone.

What many often forget is the last few words the departed wish to leave with their loved ones which are usually engraved in their epitaph. Epitaphs are usually sweet and short. They’re made ahead of time or constructed by the departed’s relatives who arranged the funeral. The following are some interesting epitaphs that actually made it to the tombstones.

15 Questionable Epitaphs

The boy who cried wolf, perhaps?

High expectations until the very end

The one who never got enough bathroom time

The one who tries to be relevant

The Tease

Secret recipe, no more

Just in case you forgot how they died

Taking parking issues to the grave

The pun master

The one that struck a chord

The old snooty grouch

The one in denial

Sibling rivalry, maybe?

The one who hated the system

The one who understands life

Epitaphs Up For Revision

The need to have a sweet and short epitaph isn’t always there but if you get the chance to place something on it to help your loved ones remember you well, please don’t say something stupid. Stay true to you and your legacy, mates!

15 Interesting Epitaphs People Were Able to Pull Off
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