15 Memes that Reflect Babysitting Struggles

Caring for other people’s babies is a huge responsibility. People who babysit for a living like nannies or au pairs can are expected to have a level of standard when caring for children. People who babysit for a part-time job or as a hobby don’t necessarily have to reach that level of standard. Parents who are desperate to find people to watch their kids are basically what babysitters are for, and more often than not they’re as good as you get them last minute.

The struggles of watching someone else’s kids for a night can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know how to handle children well and is essentially babysitting for quick cash. Below are some memes that describe the situations babysitters often encounter or face.

15 Memes that Describe the Struggles of Babysitters

When you get your mom to agree you’re the babysitter but your siblings doubt you

Sometimes babysitting has to be a creative process

The cardinal rule of babysitting: don’t cancel last minute

When the child already has a plan to chase you out the door

Payback is rough when your older sister decides to agree and babysit you

When babies are evil masterminds

When you hand a baby to your dad who loves to shoot birds for sport

Second cardinal rule of babysitting: sugar and caffeine are ultimate no-nos

When babysitters have to work extra hard to land on the list…

When the only available babysitter does more damage than good

Babysitters have to be resourceful with their very little means

When a parent oversells their kid’s ability to behave

The most annoying comment dads get from strangers

When your dad’s frat boy brother comes over to babysit… hide the liquor!

When the pets have more of a protective instinct than the babysitter…

Babysitting is No Joke

Taking time to care for someone else’s child requires a lot from people. Changing diapers, feeding kids, bathing kids, entertaining them and getting them to bed are tasks that require creativity and efficiency. So take caution and be open-minded when babysitting for another family because caring for a child is not easy and is an important responsibility bestowed upon you by trusting parents. Good luck!

15 Memes that Reflect Babysitting Struggles
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