21 Blackjack Lingo Every Beginner Should Know

Blackjack is one of many popular casino games that had risen to popularity due to its simple yet engaging game flow. It’s a card table game which gives any player a chance to beat the house and win payout by simply holding card values that is close to 21 or 21.

As a beginner, playing Blackjack at first few attempts may confuse you—most especially at the terms used during one. No need to buy that book of Blackjack terms—Betman88‘s complete terminology of the game is here for you to learn.

Learn these essential Blackjack terms in no time:

Bets – These are the chips you are going to wager before any Blackjack game round.

Bankroll – this is your casino money, termed as your financial account when playing any Casino game.

Bust – This is the terms used to describe a player’s loss whenever his hand goes over the limit of 21. When the dealer says bust, you automatically lose the bets.


Buy – This is the action used to describe the player buying another card to double his/her bet.

Hole Cards – This are the cards you are dealt upon placing bets.

Shoe – This is the box that contains pre-shuffled cards on the blackjack table

House Edge – This is the advantage a casino has for a Blackjack game.

Card Counting – This is a strategy used to describe the player’s act of discarding and checking cards in order to predict what cards will be shown next from the deck.

Cut – You say cut when you want to split your cards after the dealer has done shuffling.

Deal – This is when you already want to proceed to the game after seeing the dealer’s hands.

Dealer – When playing Blackjack, he is your sworn enemy. The Dealer is a casino representative that is also responsible for checking and distributing the cards efficiently in each round.

Hit – This is when you ask the dealer for another card, which might result to your hand being busted or successfully gain 21.

Insurance – This is the term used to describe if the dealer shows an ace—and you have the option to wager a side bet of half of your original. If the dealer accumulated a 21, you will get your wager back plus the original bet. However, if the dealer’s hand didn’t make it to 21, you’ll lose.

Push – This is another term for Tie. It happens when you and the dealer has the same hand total.

Stand – This means you won’t ask for any card anymore. You’re already contented that your hand can potentially hit the 21 before the dealer does.

Double Down – This is when you choose to place a second bet on the table. If you think your hand will be bust (exceeds 21), you need to inform the dealer that you are going to Double Down

Draw – This is the terms that a players uses to have an access to another from the dealer.

Early Surrender – This is when you think your hands are not going to win, simply because maybe even when you hit again or proceed with the game – you may even get a bust and lose. Early surrender lets you surrender your initial bet before the dealer accumulates a Blackjack in his hand.

Flat Bet – This is used to describe when all the players who joined in a round of Blackjack has the same bet amounts and stake. It’s a strategy that are applicable among many black jack strategies.

Soft Hand – This is when you are dealt with card combinations that are too or sufficiently low to be bust in one hit.

Stiff Hand – This is when you are dealt a hand combination from 2 to 6, and more likely bust on once you hit a 10 value card.

Pat or Hard Hand – You have a pat hand if you are originally dealt with a 17 sum or higher.

Blackjack Terminologies 

Blackjack won’t be an easy game to understand without these terms. Fortunately, upon learning how to use them to express your strategy on the table—you would be capable of seeing through the odds of beating the dealer in a language the game knows.

21 Blackjack Lingo Every Beginner Should Know
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