3 Blackjack Betting Strategies You Should Use

Blackjack is casino game handled by the house, or the casino itself. Over the years many betting strategies and money management systems have been used for the game across the world, but their effects still bother players: Which one of them is the better strategy to play with Blackjack?

3 betting strategies to try when playing Blackjack

1. Progressive Betting Strategy

It’s a strategy widely used to any casino games such as Baccarat, Roulette and as well as Blackjack. It depends on the winning streaks or points a player accumulate towards a game. Furthermore, it is considered the relatively rational system of money management.

Here’s how it works:


Franz started with a minimum bet of 5$. Two others players on the table win the same with her, so she’s not ahead. She is an even winning rank. For the next round, she will stick betting the same 5$. If she wins, that’s when she will add another 5$ making it 10$. If she wins the in the third round, she will stick with the 10$. If she wins the fourth time she’ll stick with 10$. If she wins the fifth time, she’ll add another 10$. If not, she’ll go back to the 5$.

2. Paroli Betting Strategy

This is one of the least popular betting tactics of players—but also an ideal one, in the real sense of making your bankroll filled. It’s a positive strategy under the progressive system.

Here’s how it works:


Franz makes a first minimum bet of 10$. In the first round, her hand wins the 21. For the next round, she will then add another 10$ to make her bet count to 20$. If Franz loses the third round, then she will stick back to 10$ until she wins again to add another 10$.

The good thing about this system is you won’t need to have a bigger bankroll upon joining the table, as it won’t require you to bet big at a first round. It is more focused on taking advantage of winning streaks, and proportionally building a “pyramid” of your bet and winning money.

The difference with this strategy with the progressive one is that you straight ahead increases your bet after winning at a first round, instead of increasing the third time around.

3. Oscar Grind Betting System

It is what most players considered a “slow” strategy of betting. It’s a methodical process to gain a steady one (1) unit profit. Even though it is popularly known as the weak, little by little process of betting, it has a good side—it keeps your bankroll efficiently filled without losing pennies consecutively. This system can also be used with even money bets with games as Baccarat, Craps, and Roulette.

Here’s how it works:


1) You begin with 1 unit. (Example: $2)

2) If your bet loses, your next bet will be the same as the previous one. (Still $2)

3) If your bet wins, your next bet should be one unit larger than the previous one. (Now $4).

The betting system’s goal is to have 2 units gained after each sequence to achieve your profit.

(A unit depends on the betting size a player would like to place.)

The difference of the Oscar with the Progressive betting is that you don’t need to stick with the same bet after one win for another win to increase the bet.

There’s a little possibility you’ll win the most of the time, but sure as guaranteed that this system will minimize your losses. It’s the same with the Progressive betting, but it has given the chance to earn you one unit (a dollar) in each sequence.

Betting Strategy at its Finest

These 3 are the simplest yet effective betting strategy you should try today. Not only do they keep your bankroll well proportioned, they will also help enhance your betting skills in future casino gaming. Play Online casino here!

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