3 Common Sports book Odds and How To Read Them

Sportsbook involves odds with figures given by various sportsbook sites. It determines the predicted winner of a certain game, or how guaranteed a team or player can win. 

As a beginner, learning how to read these odds are quite confusing – but as what a saying always implies: everything gets better with practice.  In this Betman88 article, you’ll learn to read them the easiest way possible.

3 common Sportsbook odds and how to read them


1. Fractional

Fractional come as predicted number on how much you will win on a bet, in a fraction form. The first number in the illustrated figure represents how much you will win if you are to wager the amount indicated in the second number.


Team Franz is represented in Fractional odds of 5/1. This 5 shows the amount you are going to win if you will stake the 1 as shown in the figure.

In order to accumulate 5$, you only need to stake 1$. If Team Franz wins, you’ll get an approximately 6$. In cases of draws, the sportsbook will refund all bets placed on a certain team or game.

2. Decimal

Decimal odds are by far the simplest type of sports figures to understand. You can easily calculate your winning in your head upon seeing the odds given by your sports book. Simply, you just need to multiply your original bet with the decimal odd shown and the result will be your possible winning payout + your original stake.



Money line Odds

Also named as American odds – Money line relies on each point is given to two teams in a game. This involves the game’s chalk and the underdog. Generally, chalks are the favored ones to win, so they are represented with the (-) negative sign, while the underdogs are the least favored to win, presented in a (+) positive sign. The presented figures itself determine your possible payout, for every 100$ stake



The same goes for the other team, only you are to decide which team you should wager your bets on.

Sports Betting at its Finest

When wanting to have a long-term skill on sports betting, knowing these odds are essential.  Not only will they keep you up with the thrill of the sports, they also guarantee profitable gains which you can earn while supporting your favorite team or player.

3 Common Sports book Odds and How To Read Them
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