What is 1X2 Betting?


1X2 Betting stands as one of the complex betting types a gambler can wager when gambling at sports book.  It is also known as a “3-way bet”.  If you’re new to sports betting and new to keeping a sportsbook, this article is here to guide you through. 1×2 betting is a variation of sports gambling that provides three possible results per game all at once.

1X2 Betting – A Simpler Explanation

1X2 works a way where you can back up/bet on either three possible results of a certain Football game. It is doable to bet on Team A or B to win or even the possibility of a draw.

Unlike the best known Asian Handicap or Handicap—1X2 doesn’t look over on who’s favored to win or who’s unlikely to win. 1X2 serves as the reflective odds of the possible outcomes of a game, in three possible results. It’s like supporting your team, the other team or even both of them—all in three bets in three potential outcomes of a game.

How To Read It At Sports Book Sites

In order to fully understand the 1X2 in its simplest nature, one must know what each figure in this three-way bet stands for.

The 1 stands to represent the home team, the X stands as the possible draw of the game while the 2 stands for the away team. The illustrated image shows how the betting type will be presented in a sports book site.



Team Harrington is the home team with odds of 3.50, while Team Bloomington is the away team with odds of 4.50. The possible draw odds are represented with 4.

If you are confident that Team Harrington will win the game at the end, then click/place a bet on your sportsbook site’s figure number 1.

If you think Team Bloomington will be able to undermine Team Harrington by the end of the game, click/place bet on your sportsbook site’s figure number 2.

If you think the game would possibly end in a draw or tie, click/place bet on figure X.

Here’s the best thing here—if you think you’d had enough bankroll to support all three possible game result, you can bet on all three of them in a single game.

How To Calculate 1X2 Payout

The calculation is simple. You only need to multiply your original stake amount to your team’s odd presented and voila—there’s your payout.



If you will bet on Team Harrington with the odds of 3.50 and with the bet amount of 75$ (75 x 3.50 = 262.5$ rounded off to 270$ will be your total payout.

If you will bet on Team Bloomington with the odds of 4.50 and with the bet amount of 80$ (85$ x 4.50 = 382.5$ rounded off to 400$ will be your total winning payout.

If you think the game would end in a draw with the bet amount of 95 and the odds of 4 (95 x 4 = 380), 380$ will be you draw payout.

The Effectivity of 1×2 Betting 

Placing wagers in three ways is simple and direct because of the 1X2 Betting method. It is definitely one of the profitable ways to increase payouts. Maximizing your bankroll on the best of the best sporting events, players and teams are significant in mastering sports gambling. 

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