6 Tricky Baccarat Winning Tactics

Playing and mastering the game of Baccarat doesn’t need to be taken as something a genius would do. With the help of self-intuition and observation of both the Banker and the Player’s hand, you can study how to win multiple rounds by getting a hand combination that is close to 9 or 9.

6 helpful baccarat strategies to level up your betting expertise 

1. Bet on the Banker

https://localhost/betman88/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/TACTICS-BANKER.jpgIf ever you want to play online or even on land-based casinos, Baccarat games are just baccarat without the thrill the Banker betting option gives. Though it may sound somehow biased at first, you must learn to appreciate and acknowledge how often the hand of the Banker usually wins more than a player.

Sure, you’d like to win with your own betting skills and expertise with numbers alone—but it doesn’t hurt to trust the banker at times, for he is a sure one in this game. The Banker wins slightly over 50% at most times, and this percentage is assuring—even though every time you bet on him you’d be omitted a 5% on your win. That’s not bad enough.

2. Skip Tie Bets

Okay, they are as sure as the banker. Betting on tie simply means that when both the Banker and the Player wins, you also win. But consider this advice: most tie bets doesn’t count. Some even described them as a pause the action, prolonging your probability of winning. In a logical thinking, Tie bets don’t happen that often so might as well ignore it and bet on the ones that you think would take home that pot.

3. Make Use of 1324 Strategy

This is a simplified, modified version of the 1-3-2-6 strategy system which sticks to its number sequence itself—but simpler than the mentioned.  The main idea is to change your betting amount differently from one round to another, without losing straight in a row.

For example, if your first bet wins, you proceed to double your bet in the next one.

If your doubled bets lose, go back to your original amount bet and stick with it until you win again. Once more, you are to double your bet.

If your doubled bet wins, you must take the bet amount higher. If it loses, you back to the original bet. If it wins, you ought to take it up 1 bet higher. If it not, then course back to your starting bet amount.

This is just to keep your bankroll “rolling”, financially speaking. It lets you test out the possibility of winning and losing—without keeping you off the game.

4. Try Progressive Betting With the Player

https://localhost/betman88/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/TACTICS-PLAYER.jpgOkay, granted—any players have a higher chance of winning when betting on the banker. But that can simply work with a continuous observation of the Banker’s winning points throughout a game. You should also take into consideration of the Player, as no commission will be omitted from you, and you can determine how the Player’s card can beat the Banker’s when betting on it in alternate rounds.

The main idea of betting with the Player is it will save you a 5% commission that will be deleted from you if you bet on Banker’s win. Start with a starting amount, and then make your way up to little by little doubling your bet. It may increase your bankroll, and you can also mix this strategy with the 1-3-2-4 technique.

5. Never Try the Martingale System


It’s a progressive betting system in which after every loss, you need to double up your bets. If you like to keep on going through the game of Baccarat, never try this system.

Theoretically, Baccarat is nothing like Roulette. The system may be beneficial, considerable even to apply to the latter—but Baccarat held more complex medium of betting. A bet after one loss and another isn’t at all ideal, it’s just thickening your pride in thinking you will eventually win, when more likely—you are about to lose your bankroll.

Find a way to do progressive betting, but not every time you lose. An alternative win and lose is natural, but betting after a couple of lose isn’t.

6. Practice with Free Baccarat Games Online


You must first get the feel of the Baccarat game itself—in a free, un-beep-credit-card-way. There are a lot of casino sites online that promotes several variations of Baccarat and you can play them to your heart’s content while studying the technique each version will require you. This also gives you chance to improvise your skill in ruling the game.

Virtual baccarat anytime, anywhere

Playing this famous online casino game requires enough knowledge and ability to make it through a few couple of rounds. It’s a game that you can win by simply guessing, minimal knowledge on numbers, good instinct each hand and great tactics in the pocket. Play Baccarat today and apply these helpful tricks!

6 Tricky Baccarat Winning Tactics
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