Airport Mobile Call Crashing: Hello, Are You Talking To Me?

Imagine you are on a phone call talking to someone, and suddenly a stranger sat next to you, and start responding to your words for your friend on the phone…how weird would you feel?

Greg. the Prankster from the Elevator Weather Man strikes up again now in the airport, faking phone calls to prank others who are also in the middle of a call. It’s so funny, most especially when people start noticing him right away with either a laugh or a weird stare.

Some awkwardly went on with their call. Some ignored him at first. But as the conversation gets really personal, some people finally talked to him and the funny thing here is: HE DENIED intervening with their call! What a way to prank people!

The black guy with a hat even asked Greg what’s wrong with him while the girl in red shirt laughed as he googled something on his phone when she asked someone on her call to do the same. The video ended with the Black Guy exclaiming “It’s already been done!” after letting him know it was all a prank! It’s hilarious! Talk about a good, harmless prank!


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