All Eyes on Marcus Rashford’s Career Including Retired Footballer Jamie Carragher  


Retired Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has been openly expressing his views on Manchester United’s forward Marcus Rashford. He believes that the 20-year-old footballer should make a move to Everton to further his potential and actually become a first-rate player.

With trademark goals scored for England, both against Switzerland and Spain, Rashford is at a great start but has yet to harness his skills. The likelihood of Marcus Rashford starring in United’s next few games is high with Jose Mourinho’s first choice striker Romelu Lukaku.

Carragher is under the impression that Lukaku will likely overshadow Rashford in Manchester United. “’I don’t see Rashford ever displacing Lukaku so long as he is there, but Lukaku was at Chelsea and he had to come away from there and go to Everton. He ended up top scorer and then got his move to Manchester United.”

“’Everton is a club where someone like a Rashford knows he can play every week. Last season, he played poorly against Brighton, Mourinho had a pop at him and Lukaku went straight back in the next game. That is the problem he will always have.” Carragher adds.

Romelu Lukaku is United’s star player worth £75million who came from Everton last summer. The Belgian footballer was originally on loan at West Brom and Everton prior to his move to Goodison Park. It is safe to say that his time in Goodison Park was valuable which enabled the 20-year-old to grow and be the top-notch player he is today.

Carragher believes that Rashford can take inspiration from Lukaku’s career but not let it take his chances of growing as a player for granted. Lukaku’s transfer is a testament to the possibility that one can become a great player even after leaving top clubs of the Premier League.

“In that position, you have to be world-class. Rashford isn’t world-class yet, but he might be when he’s 24. Lukaku now looks like one of the best strikers so Rashford may have to move away to then move back to one of the big teams.” Jamie Carragher finally says.

All Eyes on Marcus Rashford’s Career Including Retired Footballer Jamie Carragher  
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