Debunking Myths: Misconceptions to Know When Playing Blackjack

The main goal in gambling is to gain profit and make quick wins. blackjack, being a popular form of gambling entails indicative number values for winning combinations. When you are after gaining profit from your playing streak at Blackjack, the need to know strategic plays are vital. The following are some of the mythological techniques used in Blackjack that tend to mislead players throughout their game.

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Myths and Superstitions on Playing Blackjack in Live and Online Casinos



10 in the Hole is the Way To Go


10 in a hole mean that the card facing down is a 10 or an automatic face card. There are 16 cards in a 52 deck with an equivalent value of 10. This may mean that a 10 or face card will show up at least once in every 3.25 cards dealt.


Playing with the risk of assuming the face card may appear more than that translates to adopting a needless strategy which ultimately only increases the house edge.

Counting Cards is Illegal


Knowing how many cards are in a pack along with the odds of specific arrangements based on what has been dealt so far can be a struggle. Counting cards can be called a practical skill in casino gaming but is usually frowned upon on by casinos since it can heavily affect their house edge.


Counting cards although frowned upon is not entirely illegal. If players use this tactic to win at Blackjack and other card games, the best way to go about this is to apply it discretely as possible to avoid being kicked out by certain casinos.

Copying the Dealer’s Tactic is the Safest Way To Play


Many Blackjack beginners tend to think that just because the dealer is in charge of the game; following their lead is the way to go about a win.

What beginners don’t usually understand is that the dealer follows the house rules of the casino. This means that they must hit until they reach 17 or more.

The player tends to ignore the fact that the dealer goes second giving them better chances at winning. Thus, if the player decides to bust then the dealer ultimately wins. Bear in mind that dealers can’t double or split, hence adapting the dealer’s strategy equates to losing a potential win with the right cards in hand.

Steer Clear from Dealers on a Hot Streak


Dealers play according to house rules and basing good and bad streaks in Blackjack is an erroneous fallacy to comply to. Winning or losing will depend on the cards’ luck, as well as the strategy used to try and reduce the house edge.

Never Go For a Bust


Busting is when a player never hits on a hard 12 or more. This is popular for reducing the house edge to just 4%. Great and professional players know the odds and can count cards even outsmart the bust through other methods of play.

Virtual Blackjack Anytime and Anywhere

Playing Blackjack online is no less of a gamble than playing in a live casino. The only exception is the convenience of playing from your PC or mobile device. It is still utmost necessary to remember playing by the rules and placing wagers on your best bet strategically. Bear in mind that not all gambling myths and superstitions in roulette are 100 % true. Maximize your gaming experience at W88 Live Casino.

Debunking Myths: Misconceptions to Know When Playing Blackjack
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