Sports Betting: What Is Handicap and Money Line Betting?

Sports gambling covers multiple betting types, which enables for people to decide on what to bet on before or during the progression of a certain game.

Two of the most common betting types in sports is the Handicap and Money Line betting.  Over the years their similar representation in a negative (-) and positive (+) sign confuses gamblers. In this Betman88 article, you will know the difference, similarities, how each one works and which of these two brings more profit to the gambler.

Here’s everything you need to know about Money line and Handicap Betting:

Handicap Betting Explained

Handicap works as a balancing figure or odds a sports book oddsmaker create to equate the predicted winning chances of two teams in a game. Handicap betting is presented with odds with a negative or positive sign (-) and (+) to determine how the strong and weak team, which are able to play well or not through the first half of the game.


Money Line Betting

Money line or American Odds focuses on the money a gambler should wager on and who is favored to win in a specific sports game.

Sports covered

Both Handicap and Money Line betting covers most sports, but they are especially available for betting in field sports such as Football and Horse Racing. Handicap is majorly found in sports.

How Each One Works, Similarity and Difference

Handicap Betting works as the balancing odds between the strong and weak team in a game. Handicap is basically given to enable bettors to bet either on the favored and least favored team to create certain lead points against each other.



As given above, Team Copenhagen is favored to win with the (-3) point, while Team Manchester is the least favored, given the handicap of (-3). If you will bet on Team Manchester, the team should be able to score a 3 point lead before Copenhagen—for you to win your bet.

If you will bet on Team Copenhagen, they need to score 3 or beyond in order for you to win your bet. If they only scored 2, you’d lose your bet.

The Handicap Tie occurs when both teams play and score on the exact margin as presented in the handicap odds.

Note When Betting: Handicap betting applies only to one (1) team in a game. It’s not open for both teams at the same time. In order to bet for both, you’d need to find another sportsbook site in which you could place your bet for the other team.

Money Line focuses on the money a bettor should bet according to the odds given to both favored and least favored team.



In the given example, Team Slovakia is considered the favored team, while Finland is the least favored one. To bet on the Team Slovakia, you need to wager 130$ to win a 100$ if they win, in a total of 230$.

If you like to bet on Team Finland, you win 120$ if you’ll wager a 100$ for the team – if they win.

Difference: Unlike Handicap which focuses on who can create a first point lead—Money line betting looks over who will win, with the betting amount based on the odds given.

Similarities: Both types are represented with a negative (-) and (+) signs.

Which Is More Profitable For Gamblers?

Both actually—but if you are a gambler that focuses on money itself rather than the score the two teams had gained—then Money Line creates more profit, but it is somehow risky.

Handicap and Money Line Betting in Online Sportsbooks

Handicap and Money Line includes two teams in a negative (-) or (+) positive sign in order to determine two things: Team least/most favored and the money gamblers should wager in order to fully acquire a specific payout. With good observation skills and practice in betting, one can make good profit from both of these sports betting types.

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