Free Snack For Fun: Singing, Rapping – What Would You Do?

A Free Dessert Snack for Free? Yes! But in this What Would You Do episode, people have to work for it.

This American Drive Thru drivers showed their hidden talents in return for free snacks and desserts! You’d be surprised! One kid rapped for an Ice Cream, one even sings her order Small Vanilla Cone with Rainbow Sprinkles to the microphone—for free.

Many hidden talents have been uncovered in this funny prank episode by What Would You Do? One even did a 7 Jumping Jacks to have her free 7’s order. Some even clock like a chicken, some “moo” like a moose, and some even shouted to the speaker! That’s what they would do for a free ice cream and desserts! It’s that hilarious!

The last drive-thru customer even resisted the cold weather and cleaned her own window, for a free ice cream blizzard scoop. It turns even funnier with their reaction when the show’s host John Quinones shows up! It’s surely worthy of a laugh!

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