Funny Fake Book Covers Amuse Subway Passengers

Imagine you’re going to work or riding the train to go home. Then you see a guy reading a book with a bold, provocative cover greeting your stares—how would you react?

From these passengers’ reactions—absolutely hilarious!

This video shows how people on the subway react when a guy and a girl rides the train pretending to read with provocative cover books with titles like “How to Hide My Erection from GOD” and “10,000 Dick Pics” This is an awesome yet silent prank that really grabs the attention of the train passengers and making them laugh! Some even took photos of this guy and girl while reading the books!

Most people laugh, and a guy even took pictures of a black girl with a book cover title of “Ever Been with A Black Girl?” with her number below. That’s one hilarious way of getting a date!

At the end of the video, the girl and the guy foolishly took notice of one another. What a funny ending!

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