Learn How to Play Black Jack: The Simple Way in 15 Minutes

Double Exposure Blackjack is a gambling game which aims to get its players to make strategic bets that will get them to invest money into the system of card counting. To Play Blackjack, the main objective of the game is to get a set of cards, with a value that is closer to 21 while trumping the dealer’s hand. It is a very popular game played in all casinos all over the world. It is a simple beginner’s game of cards that attracts many players and gamblers to invest money in the long run. Black Jack is a game of luck and proper strategy which challenges the player to work with the cards they are dealt with, while outsmarting the dealer’s hand of cards in the process.


The main game page will appear, complete with the chips, the card shuffler, the black jack table, the bar in the bottom stating the starting amount in their balance, their bet and their wins which will fluctuate throughout the duration of the game.

Double Exposure 10 Main Game Page

On the upper right side of the main game page, beside the card shuffler, the player will find the Table Limits. It states the main restrictions a player must observe when placing their bet.

Double Exposure 5 Table Limits


Card Values

Prior to betting, the player should know the value of each card they will be using to bet in the game.

  • Cards that are numbered 2 to 10 are worth their face values
  • Jacks, queens and kings are worth 10.
  • 1 or 11 is accumulated by getting an ace, depending on which one is more advantageous

Placing Bets

The player may place their bet by clicking on their preferred chips and their respective values and laying it on their chosen location in the game table. The value of the chips betted will appear in the central bottom part of the page.

Double Exposure Chips

Beside the main and game buttons, on the lower right corner of the main game page, the player will find the selection of coins they will use to place bets. The coins range from 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100 which they can bet several times in variations. There is also an “X” button which they can click to cancel or remove a bet.

Double Exposure MAIN BUTTONS

  • Rebet – is the button to click when the player wants to place the same initial bet as the previous round.
  • Clear Table – is the button to click when they want to remove all previous bets and start a new round.

Strategic Controls

Double Exposure GAME BUTTONS

  • Hit – is what the player should click if they want to be get an extra card. Hitting is permissible until the player is ready to click “Stand.”
  • Stand – is what the player should click when they ready to set the chips in motion. The player immediately stands once they receive a hand of 21.
  • Split – is what the player should click when they wish to separate two cards with the same value. This leads to placing a second wager of equal value on the second hand when split, giving the player the choice to place a bet separately.

Double Exposure 2 SPLIT

Double Exposure 8 DOUBLE SPLIT



In Black Jack, the player will basically be betting against the dealer. The player’s main goal is to bet closest to the number 21.

Bust – The player reaches a “Bust” when they automatically lose their wager. This means that the cards that they hit have reached exceeds 21. The dealer can also “Bust” giving the player an automatic win in that round.

Double Exposure 3 DEALER BUST Double Exposure 1 WIN

Double – The player will encounter the “Double” button which gives them the option to double the value of their bet when they receive cards of the same value. They will only be given one card to complete the value of the deck.

Double Exposure 9 DOUBLE BUTTON

Blackjack – takes place when the player’s hand is a total of 21. Blackjack beats other hand of cards that contain three or more cards that make up 21, guaranteeing the player to win for the round.

Double Exposure 4 WIN BLACK JACK

Push – This takes place when the dealer’s hand of cards ranges from 17-21, while the player also holds the same value of cards, giving the win to the dealer. Although, if the dealer and the player both score a blackjack, the player automatically wins.

Blackjack for One and for All 

Black Jack is a game of gamble that is easy to learn and also one that keeps the players hooked. Predicting the dealer’s hand of cards can get tricky at some point. The game can be tricky and unpredictable, but rest assure, staying at it increases the level of entertainment. Mastering main action like hit and split can be slow at first. However, mastering the pattern of the cards dealt by the dealer makes it more adaptable in the long run. Black jack is a card game that is here to stay, constantly entertaining gamblers and thrill seekers. wanna play blackjack, play it at the best online casino in Malaysia

Learn How to Play Black Jack: The Simple Way in 15 Minutes
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