How to Play Black Jack: The Easiest Guide To Win

Black Jack is an online casino game also widely known as the “21 game” across the world. The objective of the game is to beat the dealer by getting a hand combination close to 21 or 21; hence Blackjack.

The game has a simpler card reading and value compared to Poker. In order to start playing the game, you must know first how the cards are read and the values they represent.

Cards from 2-10 are according to their face values, while Jack, Queens and Kings are worth 10 points. Take note also that Ace represents 1 or 11 value.

How to Play Blackjack

Step 1: First, place your bets. You can choose chips from 1 to 100. Drag it to any of the three slots in the table.


After placing your bets, you’re going to choose whether to Deal your bets or Clear Them.  You can do this by clicking any of the buttons below the screen.

When you Deal, you are good to proceed with the game

When you click the Clear All, you wish to remove any bets you had placed before.

Step 2:  Choose Your Action

Two community cards will be dealt with you. You can choose to take action for each pair by clicking any of the following:

  1. Double – Request for another card if you think your card has a low value
  2. Hit – When you think your hand values are good to go
  3. Stand – When you are contented with your hand value, without doubling it.

Note: There are instances when the game will offer you to Split your cards. This option will be visible when your hand combinations are higher. This will decrease your chances of being marked as Bust. When you Bust, it means that you had exceeded the 21 hand value, and your bets will automatically win over by the dealer.


Step 3: Win the Blackjack

The goal of the game is to have a hand combination of 21 or close to 21. You can keep on winning as long as you are able to have a hand combination in the aim of the game. After the dealer’s cards are revealed, whoever got the pair to sum 21 or close to 21 wins. Depending on the game’s variation, you will win back your money plus your original bet. If you play on a Blackjack that pays 3:2, you’ll get 3 chips for every 2 you bet.

You can continue playing the game by clicking:

  1. Re-bet – when you like to bet the same chips
  2. Clear Bet – When you want to clear your previous bets.


However, there are exceptions to you and the dealer’s winning chances.

  • Bust

When the dealer bust, you will win.

  • Push

This happens when you and the dealer has an identical hand combination. As illustrated, two of your hands have a combined value of 20, same with the dealer. In this case, all bets are returned, and no one loses or wins.



Blackjack plays along with a player’s skillful betting and luck-oriented victory. Learn how to play like a pro with this tutorial and start playing your luck with cards online by playing Black Jack via Happy Luke 88 today!

>> Learn how to play blackjack online in this tutorial below

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