The Dynamics of Online Progressive Slot Games

Slot games work as random machine game that pays players every time one matches identical sign or symbols in certain pay lines. Relatively similar to casino games such as Lottery, Keno, and Roulette—slot games provide complete luck and skill of players with numbers.

Slots have been transformed into many forms—but apparently only one of these has made enough changes to many lives over the years. Progressive slot games keep hundreds of players engage—all for the promise of hitting the jackpot.

What to Know About Progressive Slot Games

Progressive Slots is held at any casino’s online and land-based sites, and the machines involved are all linked into one network to pool players’ money to create a winning jackpot, so the money grows and grows larger until there’s no one who has hit the jackpot.  It grew more popular not only because of its life-changing winning amounts—but also because of hundred, and even thousands of people all around the world can actually play and be an instant millionaire in this game.

In an online or live casino, players will have to do the following:

Pick/Join Progressive Slots Games > Create Pay Lines > Place Bets > Play To Win the Jackpot

Whoever got the jackpot takes home all the money in the “pool.”

Types of Progressive Slot Games

Stand Alone 

Stand-alone progressive slots are not linked to any other machine or slot network. This means you are playing by yourself and doesn’t give a fixed top jackpot—instead, takes a percentage of coins wagered to be the award for the highest winning combination. Theoretically, the payback is the same as a standard slot machine and is known to be lower.


In-House Progressives

These are slot machines group operated and owned by a casino. Note that this doesn’t involve other countries, as it can only serve jackpot for cities nearby another city with casinos operated by only a major gambling corporation. Jackpot payout here is already in a multi-million deal.

Wide Area Progressive

These are the ones that represent the life-changing mark Progressive gives. This type is the ones with both land-based and online casino with slot machines that are linked in one network, in different states, cities and even countries.

Winning Stories


There’s an unnamed 47-year-old man from Finland who holds the Guinness World Record for winning approximately 17,861,813 euros as a payout amount. He wagered 0.25 euros, in the beginning, garnering him some a definite jackpot in the end of one round of online slot gaming. The man allegedly plays Mega Fortune Slot from Net Entertainment, and told the press that he “laughed and cried at the same time.” Aside from the Finnish winner, there’s another Norwegian male who won a whopping jackpot of 11,736,375 euros. The lucky champ claimed that he simply couldn’t fall asleep one night and just decided to pass the time by playing slot games online.

Progressive Slots: The Future of Online Slot Gaming

Progressive slot games are utmost popular across the globe. It is no wonder it’s loved by many casino gamers, with its spontaenity and variety, online slot games has served and will continue to serve as effective bait for leisure seekers. 

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