Little Charmer Winking At You—Would You Wink Back?

Say you’re in a restaurant when the waitress gave you a cup of fresh drink—the one you not ordered, and learned that it came from a man across the establishment, and was given to you especially. You look at the tables, expecting to see a grown-up man smiling at you—when in an instant the waitress pointed you to a much younger man, winking at you flirtatiously. What would you do?

You’d probably laugh out loud!

This funny prank from Just For Laugh shows how several customers laugh at the young little boy in suit winking at them, and even giving them flowers from the flower girl who passes by. After the drink and the flower were given, the boy then writes in a paper his number—telling you to call him. How blatant and proud!

The clips also show a young girl about the same age as the young boy funnily smiling all through the prank and we can’t help but wonder—there’s huge possibility that they might go out in a date for real when they grow up!

At the end of the clip, the little charmer was picked up by a much older lady, in which upon walking away he signaled the ladies in tables to call him, all the while blowing them a smooch. It was so funny!


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