Oktoberfest was the Best Way to Forget Bundesliga Loss  

Last Saturday, Bundesliga hosted a game between Bayern Munich and Borussia Monchengladbach with a 3-0 victory for Borussia Monchengladbach. This left Bayern with four losses so far but the team has found themselves in great distraction during Oktoberfest. The team was seen in traditional leather trousers, posing with other people including women wearing the classic dirndl dress which the region popularized in early times.

The Bayern boys together with Coach Niko Kovac casually posed with huge mugs of beer for a photo op. This doesn’t hide the Kovac’s concern for his job prior to the international break. Bayern began the season with seven wins in a variety of competitions. Kovac’s team is currently behind Borussia Dortmund after seven rounds of the Bundesliga.

30-year-old Javi Martinez who plays defensive midfielder expressed on Twitter his sentiments on the recent Bundesliga loss.

“We win together, we cry together, we success together, we fail together… but I believe in this team and we will fight as always together. And those who talk s**t in difficult situations like this: enjoy your moment, because this team will raise up again stronger than ever!”

Oktoberfest was the Best Way to Forget Bundesliga Loss  
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