Palestine Ballerina Could Not Resist The Melody of A Street Musician In Italy

A beautiful day on the street of Italy, a sweet, haunting violin concerto played by a street musician, and a beautiful Palestine Ballerina, dancing upon its rhythm. Seriously, what could you ask for more? 

This beautiful ballerina recorded by her Father was seen captivated by the street violinist playing a soft concerto. The father, who’s holding the camera encourages her daughter in Arabic to dance along the piece. As the ballerina takes off her slippers, art had completely invaded the street.

You can see that the ballerina is truly familiar with the piece the violinist is playing. Crowds gathered upon the performance, and you could tell they are really fascinated with the dance.

With the wind caressing the girl’s dress and with the music and all, it was undeniably beautiful. After the piece, the crowds clapped and both violinist and the girl thanked each other. The father even cheered proudly behind the camera for her daughter. How wonderful!

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