Southampton Goes All Out to Promote Disability Equality with Scope Logo  

Endorsing an advocacy is what’s making Southampton tick these days. The team is set to play against Leicester on Saturday, August 25 where they will be wearing the one-kit wardrobe patched with the logo of charity organization Scope.

Scope is a charity organization that promotes disability equality among youth. The charity has launched a Disability Gamechangers campaign that is all about raising awareness with the help of Virgin Media on Southampton’s jersey wear for the game.

The much-enlarged version of the shirt will be brought out onto the pitch prior to kick-off on Saturday, as the players appear in their Scope tops during warm-up. This aims to bring to the surface of issues that disabled people and youth face although out the country and across the globe.

David Thomas, Southampton’s manager positively expressed his sentiments on the advocacy. “’Equality and opportunity are key in driving everything we do here at the football club, and it means a lot to us that our commercial partners share and support these values so openly.”

Aside from Thomas, the managing director of Virgin Media adds “That’s why we’re using the wide appeal and exposure of Southampton’s kit to highlight these issues to people across the UK. We want people to join us and become Disability Gamechangers so we can together create true equality for disabled people.”

Southampton Goes All Out to Promote Disability Equality with Scope Logo  
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