Spoiled Rich Kid Spotted In The Library: Can You Study?

What if you’re studying in the library and the guy next to you start calling his butler and masseur to assist him, even treat you with a cookie. How would you react? It’s too funny to think about!

Eugene, the Prankster, with his butler and masseur. James and Andy for the day invaded a library in America and start making a scene. Every time Eugene click his fingers, Andy his masseur appears and start massaging his neck. Talk about real service!

It becomes even funnier when his Butler, James appears afterward and gave him a sweet cream whip and a cookie. Some students were even offered a cookie by James the Butler as commanded by Eugene! Some start talking to their fellow student while some silently crack in laughter. How can you not laugh at that scene? It’s too weird to be true! Most especially the ending where Eugene lay down on the table and continuedly massaged by Andy! It’s hilarious!

The next time you study in the library and was offered by a butler with a cookie, look around. You might be pranked!

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