Sportsbook Basic: A Beginner’s Guide to Sports Betting

Sportsbook is an online site that offers complete and full-length sports gambling services. In land-based casinos, the sportsbook is one of the essential factors gamblers look forward to when betting, and through time gambling for their favorite team or player has been made easier, virtually speaking.

Sportsbook can be defined by simply acquiring gambling services from an online site in which you can place your wager on various sports such as Golf, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Horse Racing, Boxing and much more. As a beginner, you must know certain factors that make sports book a sports book. These include the odds, betting types and the profitable money one can make from simply wagering.

https://localhost/betman88/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Basic-Guide-Sports-Book-2.jpgThe Chalk and the Underdog

Betting on sports requires players to gamble on team or player they favored to win or lose. These teams are either identified as Chalk (strong team/player) and Underdog (the weak team/player). Usually, these two teams identify the possible odds the bookmakers will make before a certain game. These odds are the same figures gamblers can bet on, on different methods and types.

The Odds in a Sportsbook

Odds represent which team, horse, or athlete has the highest probability of winning. Traditionally, sports book generally implements three (3) standard odds named as:

https://localhost/betman88/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Basic-Guide-Sports-Book-3.pngMoney Line 

The odds represented by either negative or positive number. It is closely similar to Indonesian odds. It is similar to Handicap, relying on the possible chances of the Chalk and the Underdog win or loses depending on their previous game performance. The chalk teams are represented with (-) negative sign, while the underdog is shown by (+) sign.

Decimal Odds – These are the odds presented in decimal forms. Also known as Malay odds. This is the simplest odds to understand on sports betting. You only have to multiply your BET stake to the odds given to determine your possible winning.

Fractional Odds — These are the odds presented in the fractional form. It works by calculating the odds given in fraction form with your original stake in a game to result in the overall possible payout winning.


Types of Sport Bets

There are approximately 10 plus types of sports bet, but the most common bets gamblers often bet on to are Handicap, 1X2, Over/Under and Point Spread bets.

Handicap – works as the balancing bet between two teams, regarding who is the strongest team/player or the weakest. Oddsmaker creates balanced odd points in each,

1X2 – This also creates balance odds between the chalk and the underdog. The 1 represents the chalk, while the 2 presents the underdog; and the X presents the possible draw that could occur after a game.


Totals – This shows the overall result of the game, regardless of who the winner is. An OVER and Under sign can be seen beside the odds presented, followed by a predicted overall total score.  The two teams/players’ scores are summed up, which leads to the total score of the game.

Point Spread

This also provides an equal balance between two teams. This strongly considers the underdog and the chalk in the game.  The only difference between point spread and Handicap is point spread focuses on the point lead a certain team can make after the first half, the second half or even for the third half of the game.

Is Sports Book Profitable?

Yes, only with enough knowledge of how the field of sports gambling works. Sportsbook offer gamblers around the world to grow their inner sports guru, all the while getting a chance to win a profitable amount of money.

Updating your Sportsbook and Sports Gambling Made More Possible

No matter what your profession is, Sportsbook is open to all gamblers and is now easier to gamble with than before, thanks to sportsbook sites accessible online.

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