Malaysian Fans Sell Items for a Bus Ride to Bangkok for Malaysia-Thailand Match

Thailand and Malaysia are about to go head to head in the semi-finals match. Thailand may be the defending champion which makes it even more of demand to watch the game live for Malaysian fans. Football fans have been sharing and selling their possessions just to be able to afford a bus ticket to the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok.

The bus ride costs around RM 300 and is organized by Ultras Malaya which is set up to bring Malaya fans from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand. Fans are selling scarves, socks, make-up, clothes, and even helmets to get money for the bus ride out of desperation. This just goes to show how much the Malay and Thai fans are willing to see how the Suzuki Cup pans out live in action.

Malaysian fans don’t fall short in making their players feel supported. The fan base of Malaysia has proven to show incredible dedication and passion for football which will not stop them from exhausting loud cheers in the away game of the AFF Suzuki Cup.

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