The Child Take Over: Brave Soul David’s Dentist Mishap

Not everyone is a brave soul when it comes to going to the doctor or the dentist. Many kids in fact are quite scared of getting a checkup to the point of crying and hiding until their parents give up. Although, there are other brave kids out there soldiering through the seemingly daunting regulated checkups. A boy named David is one of these brave souls who went to the dentist, got his teeth fixed with stitches which is quite a lot for a child to take.

The Child Take Over Dentist Mishap

A Youtube video of David surfaced on the internet showing the effects of the medicine the dentist had to use on him during the procedure. David’s father took the video showing how erratic and loopy David’s behavior was, making a trip to the dentist more entertaining than daunting thanks to this wacky child David.

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