W88 Review: Top 1 Casino Website in Malaysia 2017

Online casino betting, live sports betting and even online arcade and slot games have been revolutionizing the landscape of virtual game play. The availability of casino games like Baccarat and Poker among many others, holds more ease since everything can be accessed with one click of a button.

Virtual casinos like W88 thrive in the dynamic of convenience and accessibility. Players and members alike won’t have to go the extra mile just to gamble. Perhaps, that is the number one factor leisure lovers consider when it comes to maximizing their leisure time. In W88, you will not only be able to experience premium online gaming, you will actually gain the maximum experience at that.

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Complete with hundreds of arcade and slot games, live sports betting, and live casino games among others, W88 is fully equipped with what you need. Ace customer service and quick deposit and withdrawal processes await aspiring members.

The W88 experience is a partnership between the game operator itself and their players. Providing them all the means necessary to achieve quality gaming experience is focal. W88 holds a series of tutorials and thought pieces on several games the website holds, which aims to provide top notch service to its members. Besides this, there are five key elements that make W88 the best of the best in the Malaysian casino industry as of 2017, let me expound on such point.

5 Key Elements of the W88 Experience

1. A Credible Reputation

 W88 is the most renowned online game operator in Malaysia based on 2017 polls. It is a trust worthy gaming platform where players are experience top notch quality gaming. From the minute they sign up, to the minute they withdraw their winnings, every move is guided with a tutorial or a tip.

In the efforts to develop and innovate, W88 pushes the boundaries beyond what the gaming industry is capable of. Making sure that their users are well-occupied and are able to make the most of their leisure time at W88 is top priority. 2017 is W88’s year to show gamers and gamblers alike how to dominate in the online gaming industry.

2. Quick Deposit and Withdrawal Process

W88 Review Top 1 Casino Website in Malaysia 2017 2When dabbling in online casino gaming and live sports betting matches, it is a rule of thumb to know how to put in and take out money from your gaming account. The processes are made simple and doable in just less than 10 minutes! Depositing money can be done through Netteller, Quickpay or bank transfer. Bank partners of W88 include the following:

  • Vietcombank
  • Asian Commercial Bank (ACB)
  • Techcom Bank
  • DongA Bank
  • Vietin Bank
  • Sacombank
  • Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)

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When it comes to withdrawing money, W88 makes it quick, easy and no hassle whatsoever. Ensuring you input valid details is the only thing you need to do. With just a few clicks, collecting your winnings is possible within just minutes.

3. Several Customer Support Options

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Part of providing the W88 experience is addressing all concerns of the players. When encountering glitches or system errors regarding game mechanics, W88’s top notch customer support will help you through. Members may address their concerns via live chat support where they will be able to chat with real customer service personnel.

Other methods of contacting customer service include Live Chat, Skype, WeChat or by calling their hotline number. W88’s customer support boasts flexibility, efficiency and effectivity which is another testament to the productivity and attentiveness it has when it comes to the members’ gaming experience.

4. Promotions for All Members

Aside from ensuring every member is able to play all the games that W88 has to offer, maximizing their gaming experience is prime. Promotions are usually the bane of every gaming website. W88 offers a variety of bonuses, rebates and other promos for all its members. Every new member that signs up for an account at W88 will get a welcome bonus from 20% to 100% on their initial deposit.

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Several other promotions like birthday bonuses are also up for grabs, along with other weekly rebates. With numerous opportunities to avail of such promotions, maximizing your W88 experience shouldn’t be any trouble.

 5. User Friendly and Accessible

Anyone who will visit W88 will easily notice various buttons and clickable tabs that will directly help new comers. The website’s layout has an intricate design which caters to the direct needs of the user.

For instance, as a new visitor of the page, the first question that would pop up in their head would be “where is the registration option?” or “how do you access the selection of games and promos?”. These are usually the initial questions users would often wonder. W88 made sure to present all main tabs with convenience, reachability, and extensiveness.

W88 provides a wide-ranging menu bar which also holds sub-categories. It further specifies the variety in what they have to offer to users. From Sports, Live Casinos, Slots, Arcade Games to Poker and other promos, W88 ensures its users value for money products and services.

Optimum Gaming and Gambling Experience at W88

It is no surprise that W88 is the number 1 online gaming and gambling site. It offers a variety of live casino games, live sports betting, hundreds of slots and arcade games. Customer service also has a 5 star element. It is the bane of the W88 experience, which continues to propel every W88 member to making the most out of their W88 leisure experience.

W88 is a virtual experience that excites, challenges and drives its members towards success. Success, not just in terms of winning money, but in maximizing the opportunity of spending leisure time in W88 itself. W88 is the best online casino in malaysia

W88 Review: Top 1 Casino Website in Malaysia 2017
4.8/5 19 votes (95.79%)

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