Win Even If Your Team Didn’t: The Wonder of Total Bet In Sports Betting

Total Bet in sportsbook is by far the simplest betting type in the history of sports gambling. Imagine, regardless of who is the winner or the loser— you still have the chance to win back your stake money from the combined score of the two.

If you’re still wondering how the total bet works in the sports book, this Betman88 article is your ultimate guide to in-depth knowledge of the said betting type.

How Does It Work?

Typically, the Total bet is the combined score of two teams after a full-time game. The winning odds are categorized by two divisions: the Over/Under Bets. Sportsbook represents Total Bet in two different odds version, and it’s up to the player on who should they bet on too. Unlike Handicap and Money line betting, Total bet doesn’t look at the fact on who’s the stronger or weaker team in a game.


The two team’s combined score will determine whether it goes over the predicted OVER score/odds, or go below the predicted UNDER score/odds.


If you bet on UNDER, then you’re wagering that the game’s overall score will be under the presented score/odds before the start of the game. If you bet on Over, you’re wagering that the game’s total score is beyond the presented score/odds of the game.

How Do I Read It?

Here’s the simplest example of how to read Total Bet presented in sportsbook odds.


A match between Team Manchester and Kensington is about to happen. The total’s odds presented are as illustrated above.

If you are confident enough that both teams are going to score higher than 88 then place/click on a bet for OVER.

If you think both teams aren’t going to score anywhere near 88, you place/click a bet on UNDER.

Sample Score:


Is It a Profitable Wager?

Yes, it is. Sportsbooks have a lot of variations of betting upon watching certain games. Keep in mind that totals can give you a sure win as well, regardless of who the winner is.

Total bet gives you the chance to bet on the overall result of the game, without actually rooting for any team. It’s not risky as money line betting, but it sure is a safe way of betting on sports gambling—if you like to practice safety betting.

All in all, total bet is more like a side bet you can make other than the famous and instant money bets provided in a sports book.

Strategies on Total Bet

As repeatedly discussed—this betting option doesn’t look over to who is likely to win or lose. It simply focuses on the summed score of two teams of the game—regardless of the crowd’s favorite and away team.

2 helpful strategies for wagering on a Total Bet:

1: Be actively informed of the recent league scores.

Not only that you will be able to determine who is more likely to score better in a game—being updated with all the happenings in your sports can level up your skills as a gambler.

2: Start watching a game and finish it.

Through the years most sports gambler only watches a certain game when it’s on its final laps. Don’t do that—that isn’t a trademark of being a true sports enthusiast. If you really want to master this betting option and other betting choices there is—you need to be present when the game either abruptly changes scores or goes on a tie.

Using Total Bet When Placing Bets

Not all betting types focus on who can give you more profit—one focuses on the simplified sum of two team’s score in a game. Total Bet is easier, simpler to understand—so, fortunately, with this Betman88, you had a full understanding of how to read and wager on it on your sportsbook site.

Win Even If Your Team Didn’t: The Wonder of Total Bet In Sports Betting
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